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Best exercise in morning

Morning exercise is the best thing to keep yourself healthy. And also to stay away from heart diseases. There is no age limits for doing exercise. Exercise in the morning keeps you fresh throughout the day and it is considered as one of the to do thing for everyone.
In the busy and tight scheduled life we don't get time to work out. Actually we don't make it our priority. To follow a good and happy life, we should be able to keep our mind calm. And for that we need to have some 'me' time, in which you will have some good exercise and healthy beginning of the day. Few good and effective work out I'm sharing with you.

 Surya namaskar is one my favorite for morning exercise. Surya namaskar has various benefits.
It is followed by 12 basic steps. Every single step has it's benefits. It helps to reduce anxiety, and detoxifies body. Surya namaskar brings down blood sugar level. And women's favorite part, it glows skin too. Obviously it helps to l…

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